Go Green

Reduce, Reduse, Recyle, & Recover

Join us and Go Green!

Mamco has a commitment to going green through the sales of environmentally friendly products and services. This commitment also extends with the support of environmentally conscientious non-profit organizations around the globe.  Mamco has a full service professional environmental management division capable of providing a multitude of services to match your ever-changing needs including consulting, compliance advisement, waste management, and field services.

Mamco as an organization is designed to handle manufacturing industries Safety and Environmental regulatory requirements from City, County, State, and Federal agencies.  We have over twenty years of experience working with such industries as modular housing, automotive production lines, aerospace, large scale wood and steel manufacturing facilities, food and liquid handling production lines, composite manufacturers, and other heavy industrial manufacturing processes.  These years of experience in such diverse industries primarily in California have enabled us to create “The Total Safety and Environmental Compliance Program,” in which we not only handle reporting requirements but become your outsourced Safety and Environmental compliance department with staff physically on site for the prescribed hours in order to help management implement Safety and Environmental policy and procedure as well as ensuring a quick response to any Safety and Environmental matter.

Mamco Green is in the business of managing environmental programs for its customers and is committed to the prevention of pollution.  Mamco is committed to comply with all relevant environmental legislation, regulations, as well as, internal organizational policy.

Our green programs provide our clients a global solution that is economical, ecological and profitable.